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From Brooklyn with Love



00one is the creative playground of Nicholas Schmitz, a design director in brooklyn, NY. making stuff for himself and other people.


People talk about there passion a lot these days. I've been designing for almost 15 years now and I wake up daily asking myself, do I still love what I do?  From the best days to the shittiest days. The answer is always yes. 


I spend my days designing websites and brands for people. Fortunately, I was raised on paint and print; I still love it and deeply respect it. The smell of paper and the canvas, the sound of the squeegee against the screen. The feel of the brush. The tactile nature of creating something physical... Seriously, the best.



I built this site to share my passion for paint, paper and the love of the print. Feel free to take a look around. Most of the prints and some of my painting are available for purchase. I am truly grateful to all of you who find my work worthy of giving displaying it in their houses. Thank you to all for the love.

If you're interested in my digital and professional, head over to the work section of the site for a sampling as well as my resume and CV.